Watch Malagos Garden’s Interactive Bird Show When in Davao

Do you want to …

See birds act in a role play?

Know how birds are as educators?

Know more about the abilities of birds? And

Experience being mesmerized by the astounding performances of birds?

If you said yes to any of those questions, watch this video below to be amazed by what well trained birds can do.

This is a free flight bird show that features rehabilitated birds. With the support of the Malagos Wildlife Preservation Foundation, this show encourages environmental awareness and disaster risk mitigation.

I was privileged to have seen this splendid presentation for free as it was included in the package that we paid for Davao’s 1st Blog Weekend Bootcamp last September 2012 (here).


1. Be early.

Go there around 9am so that you can witness the spectacular grand entrance of very beautiful birds during the show’s opening.

2. Bring a fully charged camera.

Right after the show, organizers will allow all spectators to go near the birds for pictorials. You can’t resist striking a pose with them.

3. Bring an umbrella.

The show takes place in Malagos Garden Resort’s Amphitheatre which is a vast open area. You might want to have some protection against the sunlight and unexpected rain.

4. Bring some snacks.

The show is lengthy. You might get hungry and need something to eat.

malagos bird show

Malagos Garden’s Interactive Bird Show is one stellar performance you wouldn’t want to miss on your visit to Davao. It is very informative, interactive and entertaining at the same time. It can amuse people of various age groups. Its regular shows are on Sundays at 10 am but they will also present it on weekdays with advanced booking.

If you are interested, you can reach them through these numbers: (+63 82) 2216344, 2211545, (+63 917) 5481867 and look for Dr. Bo Puentespina, director of Malagos Garden Resort and the show’s host.

Have you been to a bird show before? If so, tell me about it below.

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What is in Malagos Garden Resort?
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