3 Outfits for Davao’s 1st Blog Weekend Bootcamp

davao bootcamp outfit

Last September 2012, I embarked on a 3-day escapade to Davao with my tech savvy friends (story here). It was my first time to join a blog bootcamp. Tried to Google it but none gave me a clear picture about what’s gonna happen in it. Also, I’ve never been to any blogging-related event at that time. Hence, wardrobe planning for the bootcamp was very challenging.

Good thing there was a well-explained schedule of activities displayed at the event’s official website (here).

It helped me a lot in visualizing what to wear.

I travelled light with a back pack and a shoulder bag only instead of bringing along a stroller bag because it seemed more appropriate for a trip to a nature park (the bootcamp was held in Malagos Garden Resort).

It was also more convenient to ride a bus for an 8-hour land trip with a back pack rather than with a stroller bag which is bulkier and heavier.

What I needed:

1. Clothes that wouldn’t easily crumple because: a. I wouldn’t be bringing a flat-iron with me; and the b. Clothes that I’d wear during my 8 hour bus ride on Day 1 would be the same clothes that I’d wear for the opening ceremony on that Friday night

2. Footwear that would match all 3 different outfits.

What I wore:

davao bootcamp outfit1

Day 1 outfit

Pink Hello Kitty blouse
Denim skirt
Metallic Long Necklace
Multicolored Circle Link Bracelet
Orange Jacket (similar)
Casio Watch
Royal Blue Doll Shoes

I was very happy to attend the opening ceremony with a wrinkle-free skirt and blouse.

Long bus rides are no easy feat. It can get boring and uncomfortable. Sitting for 8 hours can also crumple your clothes. Opt to wear clothes that can easily be unwrinkled even without an iron. Also, make sure to have a jacket with you to keep you warm throughout the trip because it can get really cold.

Gaah! This picture makes me miss my orange jacket. I was so careless, that I left it at SM City’s KFC. 🙁

Enough of the drama, let’s proceed to my next outfit. Shall we?

davao bootcamp outfit2

Day 2 Outfit

Black Form-fitting Dress
Ribbon Collar Necklace
Casio Watch
Royal Blue Doll Shoes

I wore a dress because the 2nd day was capped-off with a social’s night with the rest of the delegates. It deemed appropriate for the activities.

davao bootcamp outfit3

Day 3 Outfit – while in Malagos

White Studded Long Blouse
Denim skirt (similar)
Casio Watch

I chose to wear slippers this time because my feet needed to have a break from the shoes and we also toured around Malagos Garden Resort after the Bird Show in the morning. Wearing slippers was such a breather!

davao bootcamp outfit4

Day 3 Outfit – homebound

White Studded Long Blouse
Denim skirt (similar)
Casio Watch
Royal Blue Doll Shoes

We were on our way home for another long bus ride. I swapped my slippers with shoes because it offered more protection to my feet.

What do you think of my wardrobe choice?

If you’d go on a 3-day bootcamp, what would you pack in your bag?

Thanks for your time Thrifty Looker! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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