I Kissed A Bird And I Liked It

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Hello there Thrifty Looker! I am sipping an ice blended Almond Roca right now. How about you?

I find birds adorable. If there were no chirping birds, the woods would have been a very quiet place. Today, I will be sharing with you a heart-warming, be one with the wild kind of experience I had on my trip to Davao last year.

“I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven – Emily Dickinson” (tweet this quote)

The nature lover within me was very happy when all audiences were called in to mingle with the rehabilitated birds right after Malagos Garden’s Bird Show.

The excitement that I felt was similar to that feeling you’ll have when approaching a celebrity for a picture or an autograph.

The birds were so friendly. It seemed that they were used to hanging out with humans. I was very comfortable around them. My friends even warned me not to get too close to them for fear that I might be bitten by the bird.

Heck! That didn’t stop me from enjoying the company of the birds. I was not scared and I didn’t listen to my friends. I never felt that the birds were threatened by my presence. In fact, they even moved closer to me when I stood next to them. Just look at how cozy we were below.

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Have you ever kissed a bird? Tell me about it at the comments section below.

Warning: I don’t recommend that you do this also. I am not liable to what might happen to you in case you were harmed by a bird in an attempt to mimic me.

kiss bird, kissing bird, bird kissing, kiss a bird, kissing a bird

I really admire the kind of mobility birds are blessed to have. Sometimes I dream of having wings like them so I could just flap my wings and fly to go to another country whenever I crave for an escapade or a mere change in environment. I can only imagine how much I could save from transportation expenses. Hehehe!

fly like a bird, act flying, bird, mimic bird

Don’t you wish you were also as free as a bird that can soar up in the sky? If you could fly, where do you want to go now?

Anyway, we still had so much vacant time before our next activity for the last day of our blog weekend bootcamp in Davao; hence, we toured around Malagos Garden Resort for a while. I will be talking about the tour we had on my next article. Keep posted Thrifty Looker.

What I wore: (Hype this look here)
White Studded Long Blouse
Denim skirt (similar)
Casio Watch

Thanks for your time! Sayonara!
Sarj of Thrifty Look

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