Christmas Date with the Transformers at Cafe Caliente

It was the 25th of December 2012 and I was out with the Transformers. No, I wasn’t with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots. I was with better creatures: Antonio, Jenn and Luvina Mae. However, the child in me still toys with the idea of dating the Autobots. How about you?

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

It was the day immediately after Noche Buena. The entire city was quiet. Few establishments were open and only a handful of people were seen outdoors. It seemed that the Butuanons got really tired from all the ruckus of celebrating Christmas Eve with a bang!

Well, I just slept my way through Christmas Eve after a sumptuous dinner with my family. I guess that’s why I had the energy to roam around Butuan that day. How about you? How did you celebrate Christmas Eve?

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan cityWe searched around the city for an open restaurant, somewhere serene, not so populated and quiet where we could eat, exchange gifts and chit-chat undisturbed. Gladly, Cafe Caliente at South Montilla Boulevard was open to serve us.

transformers at cafe caliente, butuan, butuan cityAt Cafe Caliente, we had a hard time finding a parking space because their parking lot was already full. Good thing, the security guard at Rainbow of Angels Learning Center allowed us to park Jeremiah at their area. However, it was across the street. But hey, a far yet secure parking is way much better than double parking, right?transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

Gee! Can you tell how hungry we were at this picture? Despite our hunger, it took us a while to decide on what to order. Aside from the fact that we weren’t really familiar with their menu, we seemed to want to eat everything in it! Gosh! Blame it on Ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Hehehe!

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan cityWhile waiting for our order, we had fun exchanging gifts. Deciding on what to bring that night was really tough because the recipient was only determined on the spot. We didn’t meet in advance to draw the name for our Manito/Manita (Kris Kringle or Secret Santa gift exchange). We tried to draw names at Cafe Caliente but it didn’t work for us. Hence, we settled with exchanging gifts according to our seating arrangement, criss-cross. It was Jenn with Antonio and me with Luvina Mae.

It was also an emotional and funny exchange because before the giver hands out the gift to the receiver, he/she would tell why the gift suits the receiver. It was pretty amazing because even though the gift’s recipient was revealed only on that night, it seemed that what we brought along was really intended for that person.

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

L-R: Notebook, pen and wristwatch for Luvina Mae; mug for Jenn and Love Life book for Antonio

transformers in cafe caliente

Luvina Mae’s gift to me: red dakki pillow with a love letter hehehe!

The message portion was really funny because like every normal friendship, it was an opportunity to make fun of a friend aside from praising, encouraging and giving constructive criticisms. Only close friends can still manage to laugh out loud after insulting and poking fun at each other. Does that also happen between you and your friends?

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan cityWe were already done exchanging gifts but our order was still not yet served. Hence, I decided to have a fun shoot with Antonio while he pretended to be my dashing date. Chos! How do you think he fared? Hehehe!

Before we could collapse from hypoglycemia, our dinner was finally served. Take a look at what we feasted on below.

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

Lasagna Php190.00, cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

Lasagna Php190.00

Baby Back Ribs Solo Php170.00, cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

Baby Back Ribs Solo Php170.00

Pesto Linguine Php190.00, cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

Pesto Linguine Php190.00

Quiesadilla Php120.00, cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

Quiesadilla Php120.00

We had a fantastic Christmas date. It was nice hanging out with them in the real world aside from our Twitter and Facebook chats. Truly, it was a night to be remembered and repeated. Cheers to friendship!

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan city

L-R: Ironhide (Antonio), Bumblebee (Luvina Mae), Pontiac (me) and Hummer (Jenn)

When we’re machines, we could be these Autobots.

transformers in cafe caliente

Transformers image by: wallpaperez

Don’t be furious Jenn and Antonio. There’s no favoritism here. I know you want to be the cutie patootie Bumblebee. But hey, only one could be Bumblebee. Luvina’s lucky. Just accept your assigned characters Jenn and Antonio, their pretty amazing also. I just based the character assignment according to our order in the picture. I think it’s random enough. Do you still want to protest? Too late! This post is published already and I have no plans of changing it. Bleh! Hahaha!

We really had a delicious meal and we didn’t regret staying at Cafe Caliente. If ever you will be in Butuan City, take some time to dine there. It is located at South Montilla Blvd., fronting Rainbow of Angels Learning Center. For reservation and inquiries you may contact them at (085) 342 7496.

Oh before I forget, let me show you how Antonio of Manlibakay says goodbye to his dates. Tadah!

transformers in cafe caliente, butuan, butuan cityPretty sexy. You don’t say. It definitely makes you look forward to the next date with him.

What I wore:
Black and White Striped Blouse
Black Maong Skirt
Red Flower Sandal
Rainbow Round Plastic Bracelet
Metallic Long Necklace
Casio Watch

All images were captured with a Nikon Coolpix P310

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid post.

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! May God bless you more! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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