Christmas Date with Love at 28 Gastro Bar

For most people, February is their love month, but as for me, mine came two months earlier. Mine was last December 2012 as I got a surprise visit from my best friend Luvina Amor.

I originally planned to give her a surprise visit in Gingoog City so I can personally give her my Christmas gift but I ended up the one being surprised. She even brought along a gift for me from Japan. Fantastic friend!

Luvina Amor’s gift for me

Good thing I contacted her before leaving Butuan or else we could have missed each other.

L-R: Gardel (Luvina Amor’s Bf), Luvina Amor, me

We rendezvoused at Gaisano Mall then we just walked our way from there to 28 Gastro Bar in J.C. Aquino Avenue. It’s distance is about 650 meters. Yes, I hear you. It’s not near. But hey, the weather was partly cloudy and we both love to walk ever since our college days.

Look at how undecided we were! It’s clearly evidenced by the messy menus on the table. Hehehehe! Are you also like that when you order at restaurants? This was actually our first visit at 28 Gastro Bar and we were still acquainting ourselves with what they have to offer.

Gladly, my cousin, Clint, was able to join our reunion. We were classmates in college. We were close buds since then and the three of us used to hang out a lot. Back then, it was me and Clint who would travel and sleepover at Luvina’s place. This time around it’s Luvina coming to us. What a change! Hehehe! Have you traveled to another city just to visit a good old friend?

If America has Men in Black, the Philippines has Men in Blue. Ha! Coincidentally, these boys wore the same shade. Fascinating!

While we were waiting for the main dish to be served, they gave us this delicious bread to munch on. I don’t remember what it’s called. I forgot to take note of it as I got busy eating and I was mesmerized by its taste.

It really took a while for them to serve our meal. Gladly, those bread gave us some carbohydrates enough to keep us alive. Take a look at what we had for brunch below.

Chow Team C: fish fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings – Php275.00

Baby back ribs Php255.00

I know you’re wondering how four people managed to have a few plates only. No, we were not on a diet. As you can see, Chow Team C was enough to feed us and apart from that, 28 Gastro Bar serves unlimited rice. How cool is that? This is definitely a budget-friendly place.

I am blessed to have these folks as my friends. I am happy that we still managed to make time for each other despite our busy schedules. The last time we were complete was about a year ago. It doesn’t matter if this happens once a year only. What’s important is we had the chance to be together even just for a while to catch up. That in itself is already a blessing worth to be treasured. Do you agree?

What I wore:
Pink and White Blouse
White Skirt
Brown Belt
Red Flower Sandal
Casio Watch

All images were captured with Nokia X2’s camera

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid post.

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! May God bless you more! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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