I Got Kidnapped On My 24th Birthday

with Luvina Amor Seraspe

It’s October already???! Seriously??! Oh my Caspian! My last birthday felt like yesterday. How time flies! I can’t even recall how young I am. Seeeez 😛

I tried to live my Tuesday just like any ordinary day of my life doing nothing special other than my routine activities but I guess God had a better plan on how my birthday would turn out. He spiced up my life and boosted my happy hormones.

My little nieces were very eager to great me as soon as they woke up. How cute those little angels were. Aside from the heartwarming greetings from my loved ones and dear friends, I also got a surprise visit from one of my bestfriends, Luvina Amor Seraspe. My heart jumped with joy when I saw her waiting for me at our living room. I never expected her to be around because she’s living in a city 2 hours away from me. She came to Butuan just to be with me on my birthday. Weeee… I feel loved!! You know a person cares for you when she doesn’t mind the hassle of travelling just to spend time with you. Do you agree with me?

What makes this bonding moment with her so special? Well, it never crossed our mind that we’d be able to celebrate our birth month together again this year because she went back to Japan a few months ago and we thought she’s going to be away for so long. But for some unexpected reasons, she had to come back a few days before my birthday. It’s purely amazing! It’s as if God structured the event in our lives wherein, our roads would still cross on October. What a wonderful gift!

The same thing happened last year. We shed tears like babies as we bid each other goodbye when she first left for Japan around June 2011. It was a sudden trip. However, God was so good. He allowed us to be reunited just in time for the celebration of our birth month. So Nice!

Yesterday, Luvina Amor snatched me from home and work as well. I’m a homebased freelancer by the way. She took me away with her. In a snap, I left my tasks behind and be carefree for a while with her. I don’t normally leave my tasks unfinished but yesterday was my epikia (exception to the rule). I wanted to cherish every moment with her because it’s not every day that we’d get to do this.

We strolled around without any plan about where to go and what to do. We just went with the flow and we talked a lot about what’s happening with each other’s lives. Imagine two talkative girls spending time together. That’s a lot of talking! We also enjoyed approaching random people and asking them to take our picture hehehe.

By the time it was near dusk, we met up with Luvina Amor’s beau, Gardel. We checked out the recently opened Digilife Gadgets and Devices at Montilla Boulevard, Butuan City. They sell gadgets and Tea Zone Milk Teas/Bubble Teas. Yes, you’ve read it right, TEA. They are even offering a Buy 1 Get 1 promo for all of their medium-sized drinks, isn’t that awesome?

Among the gadgets sold at Digilife are those of Apple, Samsung, Cherry Mobile, Nokia, O+ and Cignal Digital TV. There’s also a display of mountain bikes inside their shop. Cool, eh?? Furthermore, for all business-minded people out there, they are offering shelf spaces for rent. More details at the picture below:

Photo from DiGiLife Gadgets and Devices

At Digilife Gadgets and Devices, Luvina Amor bought a white Cherry Mobile W100 sponsored by her boyfie, Gardel. Ayeee! It’s his advance birthday gift for her. Sweet, isn’t it? He initially intended it to be a surprise gift for her upcoming birthday but since her phone was damaged due to unforeseen circumstances he was left with no other choice but to break the surprise.

While testing Luvina Amor’s cellphone at Digilife

Oh by the way, we also met face-to-face with the much-buzzed-about iPhone 5. It was really pretty with a hefty price tag, around 40K+

After shopping for Luvina Amor’s phone, we were reunited with my family to further celebrate my birthday with them. Finally, my abductor returned me hahaha! We savored the sumptuous food prepared by my Kuya Philip. Oh it’s such a privilege to be blessed with a brother who can cook deliciously ala chef. Yeahbah! 😀

Allow me also to share with you this slideshow made by my ate Anna for my birthday. I really enjoyed watching my photos from my various travels. Kudos to ate Anna for her diligence in grabbing my photos and compiling them into a slideshow despite her hectic lifestyle. And just like in my previous natal days, she also gave me a love letter hehehe! She’s such a sweet pretty lady. *blushing*

Ann’s Slidely from Ann Beniga on Slide.ly.

birthday letter from te anna

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! Sayonara! God bless you!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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