What it’s Like to Work in a Cafe with a Park

work kapihan sa datu

Being a freelancer has several perks and that includes location independence. However, it also has its own set of drawbacks like decreased socialization leading to feelings of isolation and boredom.

Freelancing seems like an easy-peasy job but in reality it is very challenging. (tweetable)

In order to combat this, Jenn and I agreed to go on a monthly work date in a coffee shop or any establishment in Butuan that is freelancer-friendly.

Sometimes we need to break away from our usual environment to stay sane. (tweetable)

Last February, we went to 3 places. Our first stop was at Kapihan sa Datu. It’s situated near the Sports Complex in Libertad.

At Kapihan sa Datu, you can:

A. Enjoy the soothing breeze of fresh air

Step aside electric fans and air conditioners. You are not needed here because this cafe is an open space. There are no barriers to the flow of air. You wouldn’t complain about humidity and dripping sweat but you’ve got to prepare your hair to be swept away. Sometimes the wind blows strongly. Make sure you’ve placed a paper weight on your documents if you have one with you.

work kapihan sa datu1

B. Go online to finish work, or check your Facebook newsfeed

Kapihan sa Datu is so generous. They offer free wifi and free charging of your device. You’d certainly not miss out in the online world if you’d stay there. But please do buy something at their café if you’re going to avail these services. Have some delikadesa. Don’t worry about going beyond your budget. Their menu is wallet-friendly.

work kapihan sa datu2

C. Play at the park

Humans as we are. We need to take short breaks in between work to have our mojo back.

Here’s what you can do at Kapihan sa Datu while you’re on a break.

1. Play on a seesaw 

work kapihan sa datu4

2. Ride on a chair swing 

work kapihan sa datu5

3. Pose like a model at the paparazzi wall

work kapihan sa datu6

4. Play house

Kidding! This used to be a barbecue stand. Though abandoned, it looked safe and had no signs of dilapidation. It looked good as props so we took a picture with it. Tadah!!

work kapihan sa datu7

Our playful activities during our work break consumed our glucose reserves and we began to feel hungry. We craved for a heavy meal. Hence, we packed our stuff and went elsewhere for a gastronomical experience.

Where did we pig out for dinner? You will know on my next post about my February work date with Jenn.

work kapihan sa datu3

When you’re a freelancer in Butuan City and the rotation brownout is hindering your productivity, you can find refuge at Kapihan sa Datu. They are open from 9am-11pm daily. It’s really a great place. I also had a fun time with the HB gals there last Christmas. More details about it here.

What I wore:
Cream Dress with Pink Floral Prints
Red and White Heart Necklace
Red Plastic Bangle
Red Doll Shoes

All images were captured with a Nikon Coolpix P310.

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid post.

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! May God bless you more! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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