Where to hang out when in Butuan? Visit Life Star Family Karaoke.

One of the questions frequently asked when friends hang-out in Butuan City is, “where do we go?”

Tell me about you. Where do you head out to have some fun with your friends here in Butuan?

Rachel, my beautiful sister from a different set of parents came home for a vacation. It became my grand excuse to break away from my routine and leave my office for a while. I’m a busy bee but I do make time for the people I care about. That’s how it should be in order to maintain a work-life balance, right?

Rachel and I share a lot of similarities together. Both of us enjoy eating and it wouldn’t be a surprise if we’re pigging out on our reunion. On her vacation, Rachel wanted to unwind through singing and I got invited for a tour at Life Star Family Karaoke = PERFECT TIMING! I decided to bring her along with me and share the experience with her. Hitting two birds with one stone, eh? Hehehe! Yes, I know I’m a multitasker. Thanks Daryl (I know you’re reading this *wink*) for spending time touring us around your latest venture! May God bless you more!

Life Star Family Karaoke's lobby

Life Star Family Karaoke’s lobby

3 Things You Can Do at Life Star Family Karaoke:

1. EAT

Let’s start the list with my favourite, eating! Hehehe! They don’t just serve snacks and drinks. They also serve heavy meals here that you can feast on with your companions. What a treat! You’d love to eat!

Life Star Butuan 2

Truth be told, I spent the night eating and just cheering on my singing friend because singing is not really my thing.


A typical Filipino loves to sing so I’m assuming that you’re one of those who look for a karaoke/videoke (singing popular songs into a microphone) in a hang-out. Am I right? Why don’t you try out this place on your next outing? You seem tired already of your usual routine of singing in your bathroom or in front of your fan. (Don’t be shy. We all had those dive moments. I did as well.)

The rooms at Life Star are acoustically insulated making your voice resonate beautifully. It’s like the echo you make when singing while showering but a much better experience. Curious now? Try Life Star then.

Life Star Butuan 3

Now if you want to level up your singing experience, there’s a family room that has a spotlight and a stage. Perfect set-up for channelling your inner concert king or queen! Just ask the friendly receptionist to assign you to that room and you’re all set for your local appearance. (Insert “It’s Showtime” expression. Hehehe!)

Life Star Butuan 4


If eating and dancing ain’t enough to make your night out a blast, you can also dance. With the ample floor area per room, there’s enough space to get your groove on. Go ahead. Nobody’s gonna stop you unless of course you will jump all over the place. Now that’s a big no-no.

What is your barkada’s favourite song to dance with? (Barkada is a Filipino term for group of friends.) Tell me about it at the comments section below.

Another cool thing about Life Star is that they have a spacious lobby. It is filled with comfortable seats for you to rest on while waiting. There is also an abundance of stairs that you can sit on while all the rooms are still occupied. That saves you from a lot of sore legs that results from prolonged standing.

Life Star Butuan 5

This is how I wait for my turn at the stairs with cartoonish led lights behind me. Life is too short to be just immobile like a statue while waiting.

Life Star Butuan 6 Life Star Butuan 7

The pricing at Life Star is affordable. When are you visiting it with your friends and family?

Life Star is located at Maya bldg. G. Flores Ave., Butuan City (Beside Lifeworks Print Hub). You can call them at (085) 816 0231 and (085) 3413929 to make reservations. You can also connect with them through Life Star’s Official Facebook Page here.

With Chuck Chiong, my friend, the manager at Life Star.

With Chuck Chiong, my friend, the manager at Life Star.

Life Star Butuan 9

I find posing at the photo wall too mainstream so I decided to be pictured at a different angle. Oh wait! Is that a door behind me? I wonder where it leads to. Maybe it’s a fire exit or maybe it’s a secret passage. (Eyes wide open with excitement Hehehe!) Now the Detective Conan within me has been awakened. This place is full of wonders!

Life Star Butuan 10

Life Star is not a boring place. This is signage done the artistic way. Where else can you find bathrooms labelled this way? (Great job Daryl!)

All images were captured with a Nikon Coolpix P310.

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid post.

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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