DESIGNRSHUB.COM Is Giving Away a Google-Samsung Chromebook

Yes Thrifty Looker, you got it correctly! You’re not delusional! One brand new ultra-slim Samsung Chromebook by Google worth $249 is up for grabs at

Own one and be the envy of your peers. So what are you waiting for? Get those fingers moving towards this giveaway page and start earning points -> Giveaway: Win a Google-Samsung Chromebook or $249 Cash

Here’s another catch. Manuel Garcia, the main man behind, allows the prize to be convertible to cash. That would be $249 addition to your bank account. Cool eh?

Be among the elite group and possess this “computer for everyone” because it’s:

M – minimalistic

A – ARM-based = low power consumption, keeps computer cool and quiet; lasts 6.5 hours

N – noticeably fast; boots up in 10 seconds, that’s near-instant resume from sleep

U – ultra – slim: measuring less than 0.8 inches thick

E – easily switch and add user & guest accounts

L –  lightweight and sleek design optimized for the web under the Google Chrome OS, weighs just under 2.5 lbs

Still not convinced? Check out this hands-on with the new Samsung Chromebook

Do you find this post useful? Spread the good news! J Don’t forget to join designerhub’s raffle.

Thanks for your time! May God bless you! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look
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