How to Remove Deleted Contacts from iPhone’s Recent Contacts List in iOS 7

Did you ever have to change the number of a contact saved in your phonebook? This happened to me several times as some of my friends switched networks or just simply changed their numbers.

I initially thought this wouldn’t create a problem as soon as I updated my phonebook’s record but I was wrong. Whenever I created a new message, the autofill suggestions list displayed both the new and the old contact number which confused me. Clearly, the iPhone kept a record of the old number which I used to communicate with. How was I to know which one was actively used by the person I’m trying to reach? It was difficult. I ended up messaging every number of that person that was displayed in the suggestions list.

It was really a hassle in the previous versions of the iOS because there used to be no way to delete this from the Recent Contacts list. The Recent Contacts list keeps a cache of contact details of people you previously messaged or talked to. It is basically your recent call and message history.

Gladly with iOS 7, you can now remove phone number entries from your iPhone’s suggestions history.

To remove deleted contacts in the iMessage app, here’s how:

1. Open the messages app.

2. Tap the icon that lets you create a new message.

3. In the “To” field (recipient), type the name or number of a deleted contact.

4. When the contact shows up in the autofill suggestions list, tap the blue “I” icon beside the recently deleted contact.

5. Next, tap on the “Remove from Recents” option.

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And you’re done. You have finally removed it from the recent contacts cache and even in the Spotlight.

Do you know other iOS 7 tips? Share it below so I can give it a try.

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