Jumpstarting My Blogging Career with Davao’s 1st Blog Weekend Bootcamp

Official EVENT POSTER of Blog Weekend Bootcamp 2012
credits to http://www.blogweekendbootcamp.com/

2 days from now and I’m off to Davao to attend my first blogging community involvement: Blog Weekend Bootcamp. What a breeze! I can feel the surge of my catecholamines.

This Blog Weekend Bootcamp is a 3-day in-house workshop (Blogathon) about blogging and social media that will be held in Malagos Garden Resort, Davao City, Philippines. Fantastic venue! We will be up close and personal with nature. I bet it’s going to be a relaxing place wherein we will soothed by cool fresh air. What a great way to escape the nuisance of city life. Yeahbah!!!

This conference is also reasonably priced. With your Php1500.00, you’d get training from top-tier bloggers and influencers in the Philippines, Certificate of Completion, Socialization Opportunities, Resort Accommodation (inclusive of buffet meals and snacks) and van transportation  (McDonald’s Matina to Malagos Garden Resort) Cool, huh?!

Free van transportation to Malagos
credits to: http://www.blogweekendbootcamp.com/

I just learned about this event last Friday (September 14, 2012) and registered to it last Sunday (September 16, 2012). I only had a few days to rally up my friends so I will have companions. It will also make the 8-hour trip bearable. Gee, it would be pretty dull and boring if I’d travel alone don’t you think? Good thing, I’ll be joined by my mentor Carl Erik Cortez and my friend Luvina Mae.

From L-R: Carl, Luvina and Sarj ; Credits to Carl

Sadly, my bubbly friend, Kalipay Kaibigan won’t be with us. Guess I’d have to book him earlier next time because he’s so in demand and always on the go. 😀 I also hope that God will allow me to see my close amigas (amiga-female friends) and spiritual friends, Agnes and YanYan, in Davao.

And for my other mentor, Freddie Lore, see you on October. 😀

I’m excited about this venture and at the same time anxious.

Excited, because I will learn something new, I will meet new people, and I will explore a new place. What a productive way to go on vacation! Hahaha! Yes, my primary motivation to join this event was to explore the outside world. Hey, it’s not really that bad to be motivated by the laag opportunity (laag is a bisaya term for going out with friends) since I spend most of my time indoors and it has been a very long time since I last travelled.

Anxious, because there will be a blogathon wherein I will be teamed up with strangers to work on assigned tasks. I’m a newbie in blogging and I’m not so confident with my writing skills. I wonder what my contribution to the team will be. Thinking about it gives me goose bumps. My thoughts are racing, and my heart rate and respiratory rates are increasing.  Oh well, I leave it all unto God. I know I can handle this smoothly with His grace.

Hey, if you’re interested to join this event, we’d love to have you around. Hurry up and grab your tickets now. There are still a few slots available. You can register here -> Blog Weekend Bootcamp Registration

Here is also a trailer about the bootcamp:

To all of you reading this, we humbly ask you to pray for our safety as we proceed with this journey. It would be very much appreciated!

Ciao Thrifty Looker!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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