Joyful Reunion with a Great Teacher Who Made Learning Nursing Fun and Easy

Once upon a time there was a struggling nursing student who was months away from taking her nursing licensure exam. She was already a graduating student, supposedly well-equipped with nursing concepts to battle the NLE; however, as she began her refresher course for the review, there were so many “what are these lecturers talking about” moment.

In fact, she only answered correctly half of the questions for the pretest. That was so threatening!

As she read the questions of the exam, the “what is this, I haven’t heard of this before” moments were so prevalent. Forehead wrinkled, intracranial pressure increased, dilated pupils, widened eyes, body temperature increased, stooped forward with the head bent lower towards the test paper on her arm chair.

This is a typical picture of a student taking a deadly exam. It wasn’t nosebleed. It was bloodshed! She felt like everything she learned in school was just the tip of the iceberg like there was so much left to learn in so little time. She felt doomed!

Wouldn’t you feel the same way too if you were her?

Oh, don’t feel bad for her. By God’s grace, she passed the NLE. By the way, the actress in the story narrated above is ME hehehehe!

Praise the Lord for allowing the existence of brilliant teachers who are capable of making learning fun and easy! Kudos to review lecturers! They’re so gifted!

Simplifying medical concepts and formulating mnemonics for it to be remembered easily is a rare ability exemplified by few individuals. I was blessed to be exposed to these people when I needed them most. One of them is Ma’am Golda P. Manalili. She’s got a unique name, right?

When she introduced herself to us, everyone was like, “Huh? Seriously? You must have been kidding us” We thought it was just a nickname but no, it was indeed her name. Quirky name for a brilliant mind.

Her dad named her Golda so that she would stand out from the rest. Cool dad!

Ma’am Golda taught the concepts about fluid and electrolytes, fundamentals of nursing, obstetric nursing and pediatric nursing. She was amazing and everything she taught us was very helpful. With her techniques during the review, it was pretty common for a student to comment this: “Stelan ana ra man diay na kasaun sabton ug timan-an,” (that’s bisaya for- Gosh it is that easy to understand and remember those).

If only those were taught by our college instructors in a way our reviewers did, we wouldn’t have struggled to comprehend and pass our subjects.

Fast forward, Ma’am Golda and I became close friends in Facebook & Twitter after I passed my NLE. Aha!

The power of social media!

We never really talked to each other when I was still her student. I don’t even remember participating in her ice breaker activities wherein volunteers from the reviewees were asked to perform any talent on stage. I wasn’t able to make my existence known to her so I didn’t expect her to have any memory of me.

Last September, she informed me that she was in Butuan Doctors’ College again for the review classes. What an opportunity to finally visit her and thank her personally for all the knowledge she imparted with us. Actually, it was already the second invitation from her but I wasn’t able to meet her during her first invite because I was out of town.

Meeting up with her was awesome. I was struck with awe because she still remembers my complete name (FYI: I use an alias in FB) and even how I performed as a reviewee way back then. Fantastic memory!

Allow me to share with you our pictures at the Dean of Nursing’s office. Astig na venue, isn’t it? Nyahahaha! By the way, Sir Jerome Bajao joined us in our brief pictorial. He is and has since been the review coordinator of BDC.

Do you also have a professor whom you became friends with only after you’ve been his/her student through Facebook? Have you formed genuine friendships through social media? Share with me your story in the comments section below.

 Sayonara! Thanks for your time Thrifty Looker and God bless you!

Sarj of Thrifty Look
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  1. Freddie Lore says:

    Seldome is our generation can produce mentors like your Ma’am Golda. You guys are lukcy! 🙂

    • Sarj says:

      hehehe. Thanks Freddie! I noticed that they are common among review lecturers.. If only our college instructors/professors will follow the same teaching principles and techniques of these reviewers, learning wouldn’t be a struggle.

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