How does it feel to receive many Christmas gifts?

The warmth of Christmas brought us closer together and awakened our thoughtfulness which eventually urged us to take pleasure in giving gifts to the people we care about.

Every gift is great and it makes the recipient feel loved. (tweetable)

I thought I topped Santa’s naughty kids list until I received a lot of gifts last Christmas. Most of it came to me as a surprise while some were from the kris kringle with friends that I participated in.

Here are some of the gifts I had:

2013 christmas gifts

1. During her surprise visit, my best friend Luvina Amor gave me a brown sling bag, a pair of stockings and my favourite Meiji chocolate bar from Japan. Details here.

2. “Solo Flight: Embracing the Single Life and Discovering God’s Purpose” by Grace D. Chong and Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao from my best friend Jenn. She loves to give me Christian books. Two years ago, she gave me Darlene Sala’s “Inspiring Words for Women”. I’m no bookworm. I am not fond of reading books but when it’s a Christian book from Jenn, I couldn’t help but finish it because it is such a good read and it enriches my soul.

3. Beautiful native pouch from Shart during HB’s kris kringle at Kapihan sa Datu. My heart fattens every time I remember how she described me before handing me her gift. Details here.

4. Red Dakki pillow and a heart-warming love letter from Luvina Mae during the Transformers’ kris kringle. Details here. The pillow is so soft and huggable. You’d think twice of leaving it behind. My cat loves to sleep on it too.

5. Two dresses, coin purse, notepad and pens from Kuya Lionel and Ate Nicel. The grey dress has a unique design. I still have to figure out how to wear it. I also couldn’t help but smile when I saw the notepad and the pens because it showed that my brother paid attention to my needs. I love writing notes and I just ran out of a handy-dandy notepad.

6. Stuff toy and home-made siomai from Boss.

7. Coin purse from Elvin.

8. Vanity kit from Aunt Benjie and her family. These will certainly come in handy on my future trips. Travelling light will then be much easier to achieve.

The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious. – Martin Luther (tweetable)

I could not find the exact word to express how happy I was to be a recipient of these. The joy I felt upon receiving these will last much longer than the gifts itself.

How about you? What memories have you formed last Christmas?

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! May God bless you more! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

Image was captured with a Nikon Coolpix P310.

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