How Do You Feel After Joining Philhealth’s Nationwide Run?

2013 philhealth fun run

I ran 5K at Philhealth’s Nationwide Run with the Uhlanders how about you?

For the first time in my adult life, I was able to participate in an organized fun run in Butuan City last February 17, 2013. It was a wonderful heart pounding experience. Finishing it was such an achievement. I would not have known I can endure such intense activity if I haven’t tried it. Gee! It really awakened the fighter within me. There were several instances in which I just wanted to give up and walk instead just like the others but I decided to keep on going. It was also very encouraging to see my friend ahead of me, not quitting even though he was tired. That gave me some sort of energy boost to pump my sleepy engine and go ahead of the pack.

What about you? Do you feel a sudden surge of strength to go on when you see people trying their best to reach the finish line despite the fact that they are obviously exhausted?

2013 philhealth fun run3 2013 philhealth fun run2 2013 philhealth fun run1

At the finish line, they also gave away Tupperware brochures aside from the finisher’s certificate. I had this feeling that it would be tad boring if I would just also flash my certificate for the camera just like those boys so I decided to be the different element by using the Tupperware brochure instead. Playful, I know. It was also great to have Jude play along with my crazy move.

2013 philhealth fun run4 2013 philhealth fun run5

Let me share with you a crucial mistake I did in my first participation to a fun run. I was so irresponsible for leaving my race bib at home, the most important thing to take with you on a fun run. What a bummer! That’s what happens when you don’t prepare all important items beforehand. Good thing, my friend’s dad lent me his race bib. If he hadn’t done that, I would have not been able to experience the greatest run in my life so far. Thank God for generous people!

Do you still remember your first time to join a fun run? What mistake did you commit?

2013 philhealth fun run6 2013 philhealth fun run7 2013 philhealth fun run8 2013 philhealth fun run9 2013 philhealth fun run10 2013 philhealth fun run11

While the rest of the crowd were obediently participating in the program, we were busy doing our own thing, posing for pictures! We couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a snapshot of a random moment that’s worth remembering.¬†Who doesn’t do that anyway? I’m sure you do too. Come on don’t deny it.

2013 philhealth fun run12 2013 philhealth fun run13 2013 philhealth fun run14 2013 philhealth fun run15

Despite the heavy crowd dancing around us, we managed to squeeze in and have our pictures taken in front of the paparazzi wall. Truly, if there’s a will, there’s a way. We also thought that our day would be incomplete without striking a pose at the paparazzi wall. Would you feel the same way too if that were you?

With Jan and Mitchell, the Sonic of Uhland

Why Sonic of Uhland?

Mitchell is one fast runner. He even finished the race at 7th place. Can you beat that? Among our group, he was also the first one to cross the finish line. He was really way ahead of us. In fact, while we were still on our way towards the 2.5K mark, he was already on his way back to the finish line. Well, I’m not really surprised with his stamina and speed because he’s a soccer player. Way to go Mitch!

2013 philhealth fun run17

Finally, the Uhlanders participated in the ongoing activity at the Sports Complex and danced along with the crowd. Kudos to that boys! However, no matter how focused they were to following the steps, it’s pretty obvious that they couldn’t resist the urge to smile for the camera. Hehehe!

2013 philhealth fun run18

Let’s play a simple game on this picture above.

Promise, your brain won’t bleed on it. Show me you’ve got a keen eye for details by telling me in the comments section below where I can be found in this picture. Hehehe! Go ahead, I know you see me.

2013 philhealth fun run20 2013 philhealth fun run21

Running with the Uhlanders and taking a part in this fund-raising activity by Philhealth and DOH was a remarkable experience I sure would do again. I definitely had a great time.

Would you get yourself out the door and grab the next opportunity to join a fun run in your locality?

Pictures 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, and 20 were grabbed from Mitchell, while the rest were captured by a Nikon Coolpix P310.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post Thrifty Looker! I hope I didn’t bore you. May God bless you more! Sayonara!

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