What Happened to Butuan’s Maya Cinema?

Before there were malls in Butuan City, our forefathers used to enjoy watching movies on the big screen in movie houses. We used to have three, namely: Empress, Supreme and Maya Cinema. Sadly, all three of them are no longer operational now.

These local businesses did not survive the competition against cinemas in malls. Empress and Supreme were transformed into badminton courts before both were lost in a huge fire a few years ago. Maya Cinema building on the other hand was converted into a karaoke bar (Life Star Family Karaoke) and a spa (Life Style Spa).

Take a look at what’s become of Maya Cinema now, so colourful and lively.

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Photo by Life Style Spa

I personally like the transformation of Maya Cinema. It brought life to a once dull and dark side of Butuan City. What used to be a poorly lit area is now illuminated with bright led lights installed at the street post.

When somebody will ask you what has become of Maya Cinema, you now have an answer to that.

If ever you decide to try Life Star Family Karaoke and Lifestyle Spa, you can find it at Maya Building, G. Flores Avenue (beside Life Works Print Hub), Barangay Urduja, Butuan City.

Life Star is open from 3pm – 1am on Mon – Sun and 3pm – 2am on Fri – Sat. For bookings, inquiries and reservations, you may contact them at 341-39-29 and 0998-976-3008.
Life Star Family Karaoke’s Facebook Page

Life Style Spa is open from 3pm – 12am only. You can call or text 341-39-29 or 0946-881-7142 for reservations.
Life Style Spa’s Facebook Page

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