Christmas Date with Berkings at Wayfarer Pension House and Ribbs Diner

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It was already late, we were hungry and we couldn’t take food out of our mind. Some of our pals have not been home for quite some time and a lot has already improved in Butuan City within 12 months.

What would be a greater way to share this evening with them other than to let them experience something good and new that Butuan has to offer, nothing, right? Without hesitation, we made our way to Wayfarer Pension House and Ribbs Diner at T. Calo Extension, Butuan City.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 2

The place was full-packed by the time we got there. Good thing, they had a beautifully-decorated lobby perfect for a Christmas-themed photo op. It was a great diversionary activity that temporarily made us forget how hungry we were.

Bellardo’s backpack and boyish grin definitely made a statement that drew your eyes to the center, right?

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 3

Aside from gathering around for our annual reunion, we also celebrated Jhai’s birthday on this day, Dec. 27, 2012. Ribbs Diner was also very generous to treat Jhai with this delicious chocolate cake.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 4

How did I know it was delicious? Well, you guessed it right. I grabbed a bite from it. Hey, don’t raise your eyebrows at me like I just committed a heinous crime here. In fact, I couldn’t even remember anyone from the group who was able to resist the temptation to taste it. Hehehe! Gladly, Jhai’s not selfish and she happily shared her cake with us.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 5

That joyful moment, this couldn’t be denied by Bellardo’s facial expression here, when you’re finally given a seat at the restaurant after a long wait. Ahhh! At last! It gives you that sense of accomplishment that you’re finally one step closer to your purpose which is to eat a delicious meal with your peers. If it were you, wouldn’t you smile like Bellardo, too?

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 6

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 7

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 8

While everybody else was chit-chatting by the table as they waited for our dinner to be served, I snatched the birthday girl for a quick pictorial by the Christmas tree. Her royal blue dress also complimented the brightly colored Christmas tree. Pretty good to the eyes, isn’t it? What do you think of these pictures? Could it qualify for a classy notebook cover? Oh c’mon, please say yes. Hehehe!

I also like to teach you something new today.

The Stages of Man’s Reaction When Food is Served

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 9

1. Immediate Reaction: Beatitude

Obviously, we were happy as a bee, we could smile like a baby.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 10

2. Planning stage: Each person would ask himself: “How will I eat the most without looking like a pig?”

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 11

3. Eureka stage: It’s when you’ve finally come up with a plan. What are you waiting for? Attack!

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 12

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 13

4. Resolution stage: You’ve finished the meal, then what?

You might feel tired, light headed and dizzy from being too full as most of your blood went to your digestive system leaving only a few to supplement oxygen to your brain. Or you might still be alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic as your body has been so good at handling the sudden surge of glucose to maintain homeostasis.

With that look on my face, in what state do you think I was?

Enough with the crazy lesson now and let’s continue with our experience at Ribbs Diner, shall we.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 14

Caught in the act! A stolen shot of someone busy taking pictures of other people. Has this ever happened to you before or were you the one who did the prank? It’s quite entertaining. I’ll do this to someone someday! Hehehe!

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 15

What we like about Ribbs Diner

Aside from the good food, free WIFI, free use of electronic outlets to charge our gadgets, great ambience and artistic decors; they had long tables that could accommodate large groups like ours. Although the place was not that spacious, we were happy with our disposition.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 16

They even have hospitable staffs that were thoughtful enough to sing a “Happy Birthday Song” to Jhai as they handed her the free complimentary cake. It really delighted us. Now if you want to impress someone on her birthday? Take her to Ribbs Diner.

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 17

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 18

berkings wayfarer ribbs diner 19

The place was so artsy and so rich of design. We couldn’t help but take advantage of such beauty and strike a pose like a boss.

The annual bonding of Berkings did not end here at Wayfarer Pension House and Ribbs Diner. The night was still young and we still had enough energy to go for some more fun. Get to know where we spent our remaining hours on my next post. Keep posted Thrifty Looker!

What can you say about the ambience at Wayfarer Pension House and Ribbs Diner? Visually appealing isn’t it?

If ever you need a place to stay in Butuan, be allured by their affordable room rates:
• Single Deluxe Php560.00 *Extra Person Php200
• Double De luxe Php800.00 *Extra Matress Php100
• Standard Matrimonial Php950.00
• Family Room Php1,350.00
• Superior Room Php1,700.00
• Dormitory Type
• Good for 4 aircon room Php1,200.00
• Good for 4 room Php600.00

• Rates are inclusive of VAT & are subject to change w/o prior notice
• Children 5yrs old & below are FREE OF CHARGE
• On the basis of a confirmed booking the house is to reserve the room for the guest up to 4:00pm only, unless the booking stipulates otherwise.

If you would like to try them out, you can reserve a spot by calling these numbers: 342-8827-28; 0946-971-1243. You can also send them an email at: [email protected].

What I wore:
Blue Green Sleeveless Blouse
White Lace Bolero
Black Skirt
Aqua Blue Bangle
Collar Necklace
Red Flower Sandal
Casio Watch
Pink Dakki Shoulder Bag

All images were captured with a Nikon Coolpix P310.

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid post.

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! May God bless you more! Sayonara!

Sarj of Thrifty Look

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