5 Ways Pan de Pugon Can Help You Work Productively


Summer time spells longer brownouts for us Butuanons (inhabitants of northeastern Mindanao, particularly Butuan City). This is due to the worsening power supply deficit in the Mindanao grid which is highly dependent   to hydroelectric power plants.

Unstable power supply is a serious problem that can obstruct the progress of a nation. (tweet this)


I hope this will be resolved soon before it becomes a full-blown economic crisis for the whole country.

If ever you are in Butuan and the daily brownout is inhibiting you from finishing your work on time, head on to Pan de Pugon when there’s no power at your home.

Here’s why:

1. They have wifi and charging stations.

Quit worrying about not being able to finish your tasks on time whenever it’s your neighbourhood’s turn to lose power because you can continue with your work while chilling out at Pan de Pugon.

It’s free to connect to their wifi network and if ever your gadget runs out of battery, you can charge it in one of their widely distributed electrical outlets for only Php10/hour. They also have a standby generator that serves as backup power.

2. It is accessible.

It is located at the heart of the city, along J.C Aquino Avenue, which can be easily reached via motorcycle or jeepneys.

3. They serve freshly baked bread, pastries and meals.

You can also enjoy vitamin-enriched and bromate-free bread that is freshly baked in the brick pugon (oven in English) that is just behind the front display.

However, if your hunger can’t be satisfied by bread and pastries, you can satiate it with a heavy meal. They serve meals from 8am-10pm.

4. They serve coffee.

You can avoid dozing off while trying to finish your report/presentation when you have a hot cup of coffee by your side.

5. Bakeshop is open 24 hours

You wouldn’t be drowsy and starve while working at the wee hours of the morning here because there’s hot coffee and freshly baked bread available round the clock.


With all these services, couldn’t you agree more that Pan de Pugon can help you work productively?

What other place in Butuan City do you think can rival what they can offer?

On the other note, this was the third and last stop for my February work date with Jenn. Click the links below to know the other places that we visited.

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Since Jeremiah (Jenn’s Black Hyundai Accent) was squeaky clean and polished that day, we had a brief pictorial with it while it was parked outside Kapihan sa Datu. I’ll show you the pictures on my next article. Keep posted.

What I wore:
Cream Dress with Pink Floral Prints
Red and White Heart Necklace
Red Plastic Bangle
Red Doll Shoes

All images were captured with a Nikon Coolpix P310

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid post.

Thank you for your time Thrifty Looker! Sayonara!

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